Resource Downloads



Within this section you will find various documents which were designed by pharmacists or the team of researchers involved with the IMPACT project. Practice Enhancements and Practice Tips are avilable to all who visit this website.

The Practice Enhancements Section contains descriptions of services, tools, and resources developed within FHTs across Ontario.

To have access to the IMPACT Resource Downloads section, you must complete the Disclaimer Form. When you submit this form a password will be displayed on the screen. Record this password then click on Resource Downloads. Enter the password into the box which will open the page. Here you will find copies of the IMPACT toolkits (both Pharmacist and Lead Physician and Clinic Manager toolkits) as well as other documents. Some documents are in .doc format so you may modify them for your particular situation.

There are also resources listed under the FHT Pharmacists section. Only pharmacists working as part of a health care team will have access to these resources and you will have to request permission from Christine Rodriguez (