Impact Projects

Impact Team

Goal of IMPACT:

To improve patient outcomes by optimizing drug therapy through a community practice model that integrates pharmacists into family practices.

Investigator Bios

Lisa Dolovich, PharmD, MSc

Lisa Dolovich is a nationally recognized expert in pharmacy practice research. She has led numerous studies evaluating different facets of pharmacist-physician collaboration, the patients' perspective on medication use, and interventions designed to improve how physicians, pharmacist, and patients use medications.

Lisa is the current chair of the Canadian Pharmacy Practice Research Group and the Canadian College of Clinical Pharmacy Evidence Based Practice Group. She leads a CIHR New Emerging Team that is focused on optimizing drug use in seniors.

In July, 2003 Lisa began a 5 year CIHR Rx&D career award. In 2003, she became the recipient of the first Canadian Pharmacist of the Year Award.

Kevin Pottie, MD, MClSc

Kevin Pottie is a family physician researcher with an expertise in immigrant health and interdisciplinary research. His Masters of Clinical Science provided foundations in family medicine and his recent research has focused on the delivery of medical care for immigrants and refugees. He was awarded a Senior Wilson Fellowship for his work on medical education in an age of pluralism.

In 1995, Kevin led an international development project: Optimizing Drug Therapy in the Republic of Georgia, with Médecins Sans Frontières, World Health Organization and the Georgian MOH.

A member of the Elizabeth Bruyère Research Institute, Kevin has presented and published nationally on drug management and interactions. He is recipient of the 2002 PAIRO Excellence in Teaching Award and received a Queen's Jubilee Medal for patient care.

Barbara Farrell, PharmD

Barbara Farrell is a pharmacist with 12 years of practical experience collaborating with physicians in family practice and Geriatric Day Hospital settings. Her research experience includes a medication seamless care project with family practice sites, community pharmacists and hospital pharmacists, and leading an observational study on medication withdrawal in long-term institutionalized patients. She brings expertise in teaching and mentoring pharmacists in a patient-focused approach and practice change. Barb is the Clinical and Research Coordinator in the Pharmacy Department of SCO Health Service in Ottawa. She is a Fellow of the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists and the 2004 recipient of the Michel Bilodeau Award for the Development of the SCO Health Service as a Centre of Excellence.

Janusz Kaczorowski, PhD

Janusz Kaczorowski is an Associate Professor and research director in the Department of Family Medicine and an associate member of the Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics at McMaster University as well as an associate member at the Centre for Evaluation of Medicines at St. Joseph's Healthcare in Hamilton. He is a sociologist with research background in family medicine, psychology, sociology, and epidemiology. He has over 15 years experience on developing, coordinating, and completing all aspects of research studies in primary care, several involving seniors and their medication use. He has had several large grants both as principal investigator and co-investigator and has published over 70 peer-reviewed articles. In 2000, he obtained CIHR/SSHRC/NHRDP new investigator health career award focusing on the implementation of evidence-based medicine and clinical practice guidelines in primary care settings.