Impact Projects

Impact Team

Goal of IMPACT:

To improve patient outcomes by optimizing drug therapy through a community practice model that integrates pharmacists into family practices.


Zubin Austin, BScPhm, PhD

Kelly Babcock, BScPharm

Robert Bernstein, MD PhD

Ron Goeree, MA

Bill Hogg, MD MSc MClSC

Gary Hollingworth, MD

Michelle Howard, MSc

Natalie Kennie, BScPharm PharmD

Elaine Lau, PharmD

Lesley Lavack, BScPhm

Jacques Lemelin, MD

Carmel Martin, MD,PhD

Connie Sellors, BScPhm

John Sellors, MD MSc FCPC

Gary Viner, MD

Kris Wichman, BScPhm

Kirsten Woodend, PhD

Christel Woodward, PhD