Impact Projects

Impact Team

Goal of IMPACT:

To improve patient outcomes by optimizing drug therapy through a community practice model that integrates pharmacists into family practices.

Advisory Committee

IMPACT Intersectorial Advisory Committee consists of professionals and government representatives. Several members have served previously with the SMART Advisory Committee.

The committee oversees the progress and assists in program modification, implementation, interpretation of findings and suggests dissemination strategies.

Committee Members:

Mary Catherine Lindberg: Chair, former Assistant Deputy Minister of Health, Ontario

Marsha Barnes: Director, Primary Health Care and Physician Policy Branch, MOHLTC

Nick Busing: Chair, University of Ottawa, Department of Family Medicine

Wayne Hindmarsh: Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto

Jean Jones: representing the Consumers' Association of Canada

Cheryl Levitt: Chair, McMaster University, Department of Family Medicine

Stuart MacLeod: Executive Director, BC Research Institute for Children's & Women's Health

Laura Offord: Program Consultant, Interdisciplinary Practitioner Program, MOHLTC

Susan Paetkau: Director, Drug Programs Branch, MOHLTC

Jeff Poston: Executive Director, Canadian Pharmacists' Association

Deanna Williams: Registrar, Ontario College of Pharmacists