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CSHP/CPhA Primary Care Pharmacists Pharmacy Specialty Network (PSN)



This network was developed for pharmacists with a common interest in patient care in primary health care and family practice.  This may include pharmacists integrated into family practice and pharmacists in the community who are developing or providing services to individuals in the community. The Primary Care Pharmacists PSN has a website ( that contains useful links, resources and documents that have been contributed by its members.

The following is a brief summary of proposed functions and structures of the Primary Care Pharmacist PSN.


The main goal of the Primary Care Pharmacists PSN is to promote and optimize the role of the pharmacist in the primary health care setting.


The main objectives of the Primary Care Pharmacists PSN are:

  • To promote sharing of practice-based resources and tools
  • To develop, support and maintain networking opportunities for Canadian pharmacists with an interest in primary care practice, education and/or research
    • To provide a forum for posing clinical questions to colleagues
    • To provide an opportunity for collaboration on research initiatives
  • To design and disseminate education and/or training initiatives for members
  • To advocate for the role and practice development of the pharmacist in family practice and primary care settings
  • To provide an opportunity for mentorship of new pharmacists in the practice setting



Chair: Christine Papoushek (University Health Network)

Secretary: Lisa McCarthy (StoneChurch FHT)

Education: Derek Jorgensen (Saskatoon Health Region) and Natalie Kennie (Summerville FHT)

Communications:  Martin Keeping (SDM, Owen Sound)

Research:  Elaine Chong (Centre for EHealth Services and Policy Research - University of British Columbia)

Website: Margaret Jin

AdHoc Member: Susan Beresford (Kinburn Pharmasave, Mahone Bay NS)

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